Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Dish Soap Silly Putty

I've been wanting to try this recipe for ages and I eventually got around to making it tonight...

It's fab, really easy to make and lovely to play with.

I think as long as you've got kids who're past that 'I'll shove this in my mouth to discover something about it' stage, you should be fine using this otherwise they're going to get a nasty experience of soapy mouth.

Sarah x

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Thursday, 5 March 2015

World Book Day

Here's my homemade Incy Wincy Spider costume

I saw the idea in a few different places on the web (ho ho), and couldn't resist making it.

4 black socks stuffed with odds and ends of fabric, stitched together with long strands of wool and then sewn on to a pair or black woolly gloves, the legs are then pinned onto a black top with safety pins (although you could sew them on if you were using an old top). Use a hot glue gun to attach some googly eyes to a black woolly hat.

The whole thing cost less than £4 and about 30 minutes work.

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Friday, 27 February 2015

Welcome back to the new look ALifeMoreLived


I told you it might take a while for me to be back, but here I am.

Having spent a few months thinking about where I wanted to go with blogging and adjusting to going out to work after 7 years of working from home, here I am ready to relaunch ALifeMoreLived.

My focus from now on is going to go back to where I started, blogging about playing and learning. I hope you'll find lots of inspiration for work, home and voluntary settings and that you'll enjoy the ideas I share.

I'll be posting at least once a week, if not more and look forward to you commenting and sharing your ideas with me. You can find me across social media so do feel free to connect with me on your favourite platforms.

Sarah x

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Scoring goals

At the beginning of 2014 I set myself 9 goals to achieve through the year, so how did I do?

1) Get a temp job - succeeded

2) Get a more permanent job - succeeded

3) Return to paid writing - succeeded

4) Complete 25k sponsored walk - succeeded

5) Read 24 books - succeeded

6) Start saving some money - succeeded

7) Chose an area of early years education to study - succeeded

8) Learn to crochet - not achieved

9) Weigh 9 stone - not achieved

To be honest I abandoned the last two because I was busy doing other things.

I'm so pleased to have made 2014 a year of positives and I know 2015 is going to be even better.

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Friday, 14 November 2014

Things they are a changing

In May of 2014 I made a big change in my life by deciding to accept a job as a supply Nursery Assistant at a Pre-School. I hadn't had a job as an employee for 7 years and so it was a big change. Doing supply is a bit strange because you never really know how much you'll be working, what days, with what children and staff or what you'll be asked to do. You have to be really flexible and able to think on your feet. I absolutely love it!

I was a supply teacher for a number of years before I moved to the north of England, so I was used to the idea and I've had a fantastic time. Now though I'm coming to the end of my time as a Nursery Assistant because I made another momentous decision.

Recently some jobs were advertised at the Pre-School for Nursery Officers on long-term contracts and I jumped at the chance to apply. I was shortlisted, interviewed and secured one of the posts, so in January I start an 8 month contract to work regular hours for a regular wage. This is a major change in my life because I haven't worked like that since the end of 2004!

I'm actually really looking forward to the regular income, but also the chance to build relationships with a small group of children and families and put all my education skills to good use in a wonderful setting.

It's going to be a massive change, because it means going 'out' to work every day rather than just working in my office at home. It means knowing how much money I'll have coming in each month. It means having to be more organised about doing house chores and preparing and cooking food in advance. It means not being able to work in whatever I fancy (including pjs), because I'll have a uniform. It means having to go to the bus stop in all weathers and having to work until a set end time, rather than just deciding I've had enough for the day.

I'm going to keep doing the freelance writing I do, so I'll be doing that in the evenings and at weekends (back to the old days again).

So many changes and adventures to look forward to!!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

That's the way to do it

It came to me - as these things often do - in the shower. Showering is a bit like meditation, I do the same things every time, so my brain switches to auto-pilot and my mind is free to wander.

Anyway, the blog problem and how I was going to tackle it...

The blog had become a chore, I'd fallen into a rut of doing memes, writing what other people dictated me to write, responding to prompts even when actually I had nothing in particular to say, but I felt - having agreed to participate - obliged to say something.

And I was over-planning. I have three month's worth of blog editorial calendar staring at me and it all sucks. So guess what? I'm binning it.

My son is now 15, doesn't want me to write about him any more, which I completely respect. I'm 46, working and writing, a mum and a Scout Leader. Sometimes I dress smart and sometimes I rock a rather bright purple onesie. Sometimes I read the Daily Mail and sometimes I read books on theology. I'm interested in lots of things but my blog and I were labelling myself as a 'work from home mummy blogger, Nursery Officer and Scout Leader'. I am all those things, but when did I stop being Sarah?

So, after much thought, here's where the blog is going...

It's a blog about me and what I'm interested in. It's going to be unashamedly my online journal, it's going to have no particular theme or agenda. I'm going to write about what strikes me as interesting and take it from there. You're very welcome to join me on my journey.

Sarah x