Monday, 20 October 2014

My poor neglected blog

My poor blog has been sitting here for a while neglected and unloved while I struggled to work out where I want to take it next.

At 15 Boyzilla is no longer that keen on being written about and I respect that.

I don't particularly want to write about play and early years stuff here (even though that's what I write about elsewhere).

I tried getting involved in lots of memes because I thought that would help give purpose to my writing, but I've just found it constraining.

Don't think I've stopped writing because I absolutely haven't, it's just that at the moment I'm writing largely for an audience of one as I try to work out where I'm going in the world.

It's possible that this blog has reached the end of tis natural life I'm just not sure yet, but I didn't want to just stop writing it without putting a 'goodbye for now', post here.

And so, as I close this blog for now I wanted to say thank you to all of you who've read and commented over the years and have offered me friendship and support.

Will I be back here? I honestly don't know. I'm not putting any pressure on myself or imposing any timescales on making a decision, I'm just going to wait and see.

Sarah x

Friday, 10 October 2014

My morning routine #vlogchallenge 11


Monday, 6 October 2014

Meal Planning Monday - 6th October 2014 - #MealPlanningMonday

Slightly strange week this week because it's my Birthday and also Hubby is away for most of the week and Boyzilla and I have a few evening things on. Anyway, here's the plan...

Monday: Hubby & I - our favourite Thai restaurant
               Boyzilla: Pasta and Pesto

Tuesday: Fish and chips

Wednesday: Soup and a sandwich

Thursday: Macaroni Cheese

Friday: Pasta and Pesto

Saturday: Homemade Pizza

Sunday: Chicken Dinner

Friday, 3 October 2014

Reasons to be cheerful - #R2BC - 3rd October 2014

Ojos World

Autumn is definitely here, but at least the sun is still shining. To be honest, as long as it's dry I don't mind the cold.

I'm trying hard to walk 10,000 steps a day, not just for the exercise, but because it makes me feel so much better.

Spending time with Boyzilla has been fab this week. I suppose I'd always assumed that a 15 year old boy would want to avoid spending time with his mum - and he does have his moments - but it's great when he's happy to hang out.

Scouting rocks! I have a great bunch of Scouts who're gaining in confidence by the week and are really keen to get involved in different activities.

Seeing the positives - I've had a bit of a rough couple of weeks, but I'm feeling much more positive now...

...Onwards and upwards

#vlogchallenge 10 - The one where I demonstrate something...


Thursday, 2 October 2014

Which way now?

The last couple of weeks have been dismal, hardly any supply work and I've been feeling pretty wretched - hormones all over the place and utterly stuck.

The house looks like a tip and my energy levels have been at rock bottom.

It would be easy to carry on wallowing and feeling sorry for myself, but I know if I do that it'll only get worse and so here I am, sitting in Starbucks, drinking coffee and writing a blog post.

Climbing back into the sun...

Exercise: One thing I have noticed over the last several weeks, when I've been wearing a pedometer every day and recording the number of steps I do, is that if I don't consistently walk 10,000+ steps a day my mood dips significantly. It's a major revelation to me and makes me wonder what 7 years of being a freelance writer and Virtual Assistant, sitting on my a**e at a desk every day did to me. I dread to think.

Work: When I took on the supply work contract I have at the moment it seemed that there was going to be plenty of work at the Centre, but as time has gone on the shifts have tailed off.

I've applied for a few jobs over the last couple of weeks.

Working with other people and away form home has been great and it's something that I want to get on to a more permanent footing.

Blogging: I just haven't had the energy over the last couple of weeks, not least because I've felt like the blog has lost direction as badly as I have. So plans for a relaunch are underway and I know the new direction I want it to take.

Hobbies: Something else that has definitely fallen by the wayside recently as I've just been concentrating on getting by.

Last weekend I ended up spending an unexpected and unplanned day on one of my hobbies and it made me feel so enthusiastic and positive that it gave me the kick I needed to move myself forward.

The future...

A pile of closing dates for jobs I've applied for coming up, so fingers crossed for some interviews.

More exercise, it makes me feel so much better.

More time for hobbies, because I need to get out more and be me more.

More blogging about what I want to write about, not what I think I should write about.

I'm 46 next week and I think it's about time I struck out.

Kate on thin Ice Striking Mums