Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Doing more wakes me up

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I know it sounds really counter-intuitive but it's absolutely true.

I've been feeling mentally and physically exhausted recently largely thanks to having radiotherapy five days a week which requires a 30 minute drive each way and the appointment (which is scheduled for 15 minutes, but sometimes they're running late and sometime they're early. Sometimes all the lasers line up first time, sometimes it takes ages), anyway it's stressful. It's easy once I'm home to flump down and do nothing and because of that I was feeling rotten. It's easy not to work and not to cook.

Last week though I made myself do things and I felt so much better. I achieved a lot more and so when I got into bed I didn't feel like I'd wasted the days.

I even managed to move my long-awaited time management e-book forward (I'm aiming for publication in March). And I've got some other writing projects ready for development in the coming weeks.

How do you cope with fatigue?

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