Wednesday, 10 July 2013


I've been bored with lunch for a while, sandwiches or salad  (well, not for Boyzilla, he doesn't really do salad), and so I was intrigued when my friend The Coffee Lady wrote about Bento Boxes and other things. I liked the idea of a picky sort of lunch, so I Googled Bento Boxes to find out a bit more and immediately realised that I knew exactly what they were as my Japanese sister-in-law often gives this kind of lunch to my brother.

Anyway, I duly found some silicone cake cases, a tiny biscuit cutter and some lunch boxes and here's my first attempt.

Okay, so I used all the same colour cake cases, but I did manage to get a few colours of food in and protein in the meat and cheese (there's cheese triangle in the sandwiches and in the ham rolls), carbs in the bread and lots of fruit.

I actually really enjoyed the variety of tastes and textures and that there wasn't loads of anything.

The true test will come tomorrow when I do one for Boyzilla as well. Watch this space to see how I get on.

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