Monday, 16 September 2013

Tots100 Blog Summit, Manchester, 14th September 2013

The cup seats 
Blog summit was an amazing day, parent bloggers everywhere and the excited babble was them not their kids, because yes dear reader, we were out for the day alone!

The day started with Lakes Single Mum and I managing to miss each other on not one, but two trains.

Ben Wakeling was first up, talking about blogging your book and other great stuff (including it being totally okay to offend people sometimes).

My favourite part of the day was the lovely Sarah McIntyre talking about making things interactive and drawing (even when it's bad). She has inspired me to get my coloured pencils out

There was loads of techie stuff from Ruth of Geekmummy and lots of stuff about food blogging from Emily of a mummy too and Helen of Fuss Free Flavours, you WILL notice lots of geeky stuff happening on ALML in the next few weeks, you WILL NOT see me becoming a food blogger (far too much like hard work), but you WILL see an improvement in my photography I hope.

The whole day was organised by Sally of Who's The Mummy? and Tots100 fame and it was fantabulous. Sally and I have known each other for ages through freelance writing and blogging and we even live quite close to each other, but Blog Summit was the first time we've met in real life!

I came away completely inspired, absolutely exhausted and with more ideas than you can shake a stick at for moving my blogging forward!

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