Friday, 14 February 2014

Reasons to be cheerful Wk 7 2014 #R2BC

Despite the best efforts of the weather gods there have been some sunny views this week. I love the fact that I can be walking along one of the main roads in Lancaster but I can still look at a view like this.

"These aren't quite right but..." It's one of those phrases freelance writers always hear and I've heard it quite a few times this week. To be honest though none of the rejections have been "your idea stinks", they've all been "we really love the idea but we have limited space/would really like something on..."

Hooray! I'm in the right track.

I'm also cheerful that we haven't been blown away or flooded. One of our recycling boxes made a break for it and we will have to replace one fence panel, but that's it.


A new and very gorgeous dress ring from my wonderful partner.

Ojos World


  1. Love your reasons, but that ring
    .........LOVE IT xx

    1. Thanks Joanna, Tiffany & Co, my favourite jewellers - silver & amethyst :-)

  2. we are lucky up in this part of the world to combine urban and country so well! we lost the lid of one recycling box and thats all... nice bit of bling x

  3. Now that's a lovely ring. Well done partner :0) Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Good that you're on the right track and lovely view ....fabulous ring too! Amethyst?

    xx Jazzy